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 [POLL] /back vs Gravestones

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What do you want?
Keep /back on death, I like it the old way.
 57% [ 4 ]
Let's do Gravestones, and make them never expire!
 29% [ 2 ]
Let's do GraveStones, and have them expire after awhile!
 14% [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 7



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PostSubject: [POLL] /back vs Gravestones   Thu Jun 01, 2017 12:17 am

While on the discord server, talk broke out about adding a gravestone plugin. After discusing it further with the admins we decided that if we were to add it, we would disable /back on death, as that mechanic would invalidate the gravestones.

There's two ways that gravestones could be implemented:
a) They will never expire, meaing that if you die, months later you can come across you old grave
b) They will expire, after a set amount of time that's yet to be detrimed, and after that your stuff is gone for good

The link to a plugin that we are considering is here. It's worth mentioning that this plugin will tell you the co-ords of the grave upon death.

Feel freee to sugest times for expiring below! I was personnaly thinking something along the lines of 10 mins, but that's nowhere near final.
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PostSubject: Re: [POLL] /back vs Gravestones   Thu Jun 01, 2017 12:33 am

Note that if you pick Gravestone's you might not be able to find your Items. /Back means you have confirmed safe Items.
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PostSubject: Re: [POLL] /back vs Gravestones   Thu Jun 01, 2017 10:48 am

This also means though that if you were to get a mini-map mod which are allowed on the server and die due to lava you won't have to worry about losing your gear ever again.
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PostSubject: Re: [POLL] /back vs Gravestones   

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[POLL] /back vs Gravestones
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